You can find people who are thankful that the Dragon Ball Z series continues to continue, and then there are those that wonder the way the hell it can continue since it doesn’t seem to evolve. There really is no need to wonder anymore my friend. As long as the first group I mentioned continues to buy the continued series, the series will continue to continue. How many more Dragon Ball Z games can we expect in the future? To be continued…

People who do appreciate Super Dragon Ball Z don’t need any excuses. These are a diehard bunch that won’t be satisfied with just any old fighting game. Even should they aren’t in to the whole anime thing, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack tool is built on the solid fighting platform that few games can match. It doesn’t have all the features like tons of different modes and unlockables that a lot of games rely on, but fans appreciate this game for the purpose it offers and this seems to be adequate for them.

It’s inadequate to me however and even though I can appreciate the responsive controls as well as the depth of combat, the game lacks magic. I want a lot more than just a fighting game, actually, I demand more. Dragon Ball was already established as being a great fighting game years ago but little is different with the series since the start of the millennium. You can almost say that some things have regressed with this title. There isn’t just as much combat depth as was noticed in a few of the earlier titles, even though this version has taken a slightly new course and focusing much more on close-range combat. You would expect more moves with such a format but moves including counters and reversals are the exception and never the rule.

In most there are 18 characters. Twelve of them have been ported from the arcade version and six are only at the console version. Goku and Gohan are back, obviously, and you can also expect the androids, but no particular character stands out with regards to personality or ability. The ability issue I can understand since you can upgrade each character much like an RPG, but lacking personality is unforgivable. Did the developers think that we’re already too knowledgeable about the characters which anything further will be overkill? Imagine overkill in a Dragon Ball Z game. Ridiculous, I know.

Making use of the core of the particular character you can upgrade him by acquiring moves with points that you are currently awarded in combat. This will provide you with some flexibility with the characters however you can end up getting the identical result regardless of which character that you simply start out with. The moves are basic and the super moves are relatively simple to tug off. The combos require some quick button configurations which provides the combat more depth than your average button masher. With all the trend toward more close-range combat you are going to lower your expenses time in the air doing aerial combat, as well as the two main combatants will be within striking distance of each other so you will see more a focus on fists and feet than long-ranged power beams. You also won’t see most of the dramatic, special attack animation which has been a staple from the game and cartoon series. Super Dragon Ball Z tries to distance itself from your cartoon by paying homage to the comic book style which is a little more mature, which suggests it’s less colorful and over-the-top.

The 3D environments can be applied strategically for cover. They are interactive and destructible and add some more dimension to the gameplay since they add multiple levels that you simply can jump up to or down from. The collision detection system however makes things a bit messy. You are going to hit the odd invisible wall that hinders your movements and occasionally you’ll get trapped between these planes and find that you can’t attack your opponent even though they can attack you.

With regards to the AI within the single-player mode, you won’t be disappointed by how convincingly these are programmed. They put up a great fight that is natural and on top of that, unpredictable. Each character has some kind of special attribute that is certainly exploited. It’s insufficient to offer them a nuanced personality; they be a stereotype, or caricature of the character. The 2-player mode is more than just the icing on the cake, it’s the key ingredient. The only-player mode is just a prelude towards the multi-player mode, only if kjbrpt can look for a worth adversary. Playing against someone that lacks the passion will be an agonizing experience. You’ll end up yearning for the challenge of the single-player mode.

The songs is an amalgam of remixed old and new tunes. The sound effects are decent but nothing special. The voiceovers are functional but do little to further the plot or define the characters.

Overall Super Dragon Ball Z might be best identified as “slightly different” than “new and improved.” Not everybody will agree that this can be a waste of money but make sure to rent it first in case you have any doubts.

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